ByProxy Nepal now 15 staff strong!
Integration new team completed smoothly.

Lalitpur, May 21, 2009 - In a room that, until recently, was occupied by merely two inflatable sofa beds and a sleeping heater for a long time, now six brand new Vista PC's sing their soft voiced tune. The office on the ground floor of the distinctive ByProxy building at Chandi Marg in Patan (Lalitpur) has changed into the working environment of six new employees since mid April. Two other new staff members have found their way to the first floor offices, which were occupied almost one and a half years earlier.

Recruiting, selecting and training into Microsoft certified developers
After a successful recruitment drive last spring, eight new employees have now been added to the ByProxy Nepal team, of which seven Microsoft MCTS level certified developers. The training and certification of the new employees was conducted by a renowned Microsoft training institute in Jawalakhel, a stone's throw away from the ByProxy office. The final exams are currently being conducted.

Says Martin Schoenmakers, Operational Manager of ByProxy Nepal: "Our new partnership with this training institute has had a successful kick-off. They have been excellent in assisting us with the process of intake, interviews, training and certification. We are very pleased with the level of the staff members delivered and we will certainly take this route more often in our growth process ".

After a short introduction period, the new employees have been deployed on live projects right away, albeit closely supervised by more senior staff and project management. Among other things, they started working on extensions to Dealer Desk - a core application of ProxymiT, the sister company of ByProxy in the Netherlands. Furthermore, specialisms are being developed in DotNetNuke (a. NET based content management system), in SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) and in Multi-Tier application development.

Says Jan Kees van Mourik, director-owner of the ByProxy group with its headquarters in Aalsmeer: "It is an exciting and interesting process to see the youngest daughter in our group grows in this way. I just returned from my fifth visit to our company in Nepal and was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and eagerness of our new staff. I am sure that our current two development teams are all set to deliver nice projects in the coming year".

A remarkable cooperation offers even disadvantaged college students a prosperous future
Van Mourik developed a special relationship with Nepal since he was introduced to the country almost two years ago. Apart from expanding his commercial activities, he is very interested in exploring the education landscape in Nepal: "We are seeing that universities in Nepal are capable of delivering high level programmers, but these universities are not financially accessible for everyone. Therefore we have established a partnership between our training partner and a secondary school for disadvantaged children, which in its turn are sponsored by a Dutch development agency. This partnership produced a new training programme which bridges the gap from secondary school to a real Microsoft certification. The first 12 students started last month and it looks good so far!"

Van Mourik is very enthusiastic about the initiative: "After certification we offer the candidates a year long combination of working and learning, which enables them to simultaneously gain work experience and participate in a more general advanced education program, the so-called "+2 college". This will empower these young people to start working in a high level job even before their twentieth birthday and thus earn sufficient money for their poor and often disadvantaged families. "

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