Experienced software developer
Offshore Outsourcing Partner
Automating & investing
Microsoft.Net and more
High price/quality ratio
Your partner in IT solutions

Since 2004, ByProxy has automated various types of customer contact processes. From simple web applications to complex CRM functionality.

  • Broad experience with user interfaces via PC, mobile phone and PDA
  • Microsoft .Net specialist but also other expertises are well represented
  • A team consisting of Microsoft Certified programmers
  • Clear agreements and a transparent way of cooperation, that is our style

In 2007 the increasing demand for development directed us to start our own software company in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal (Asia).

  • Directed from the Netherlands and operated under Dutch management in Kathmandu
  • Turnkey automation by a team of specialists, or:
  • Virtual sourcing = 
    Offshore software developers added to your development team
  • 100% owned by ByProxy Netherlands, so we do what we promise

ByProxy is involved in innovative automation concepts. As entrepreneurs, we add value to your software through our knowledge and experience.

  • In selected cases we participate in concepts of an innovative nature
  • For startups this leads to lowering the barrier of initial automation costs